Camilla Gugenheim

Psychotherapy & Counselling

01865 793141

Who do I work with?

  1. I work with individual adults.  I classify an adult as anyone who can make their own appointment with me.  So I don’t make appointments with parents or partners for a third person.  I may discuss the arrangements (such as fees) with parents of teenagers - but would only see teens if they can contact me themselves.

Initial meeting

  1. Our initial meeting is for both of us to assess whether we feel it would be beneficial to work together.  At the end of it we decide whether to proceed.   If we do, then I usually suggest that we agree to meet for 6 sessions to get a better idea of what the work is about.  It is not a magic number - it may be enough, or you may decide to have a few more or perhaps go into a more open ended arrangement.  We would discuss this at that point.

How long? How often? How many?

  1. Each session is one hour. 

  2. Normally we would meet weekly - occasionally this could be twice a week.

  3. How many sessions will you need is a how long is a piece of string question!  It varies hugely.  A few sessions can be enough -sometimes only one!  But others go on for a few months and often for a few years.  We will review this as often as you like to make sure you are happy about continuing.


  1. My fee is £50.  This can be negotiated in situations where you are committed to the therapy, but would be unable to continue at this fee.


  1. Cash or cheque.


  1. My practice room is at the front of the house on the ground floor.  There is a very small step at the front door - no more than 15 cms.

Appointment times

  1. When we make the initial appointment I do my best to find a time that is best for both of us.  Then normally I try to make this your regular time.  Or it may be after that we find another regular time.  It is important where possible that we can do this.  If you work shifts and cannot get a regular off-duty I will do my best to work around your shifts.


  1. If you need to cancel your session please let me know as soon as you know - even if it is some time in the future.  If you need to cancel within 48 hours of the session I will try to find an alternative time - but if none is possible I will have to charge for the missed session.

Finishing therapy

  1. We always spend some time on finishing the therapy.  This is a very important part of the work.  If you have been seeing me for a long time then this finishing process will take a few weeks or preferably months.  There may be times when you want to talk about finishing without actually finishing - this is not unusual.